Micro-Caps, Macro Premiums: Finding D&O in a Hostile Market

August 2020 We are pleased to share our latest Market Briefing:  

Micro-caps, Macro Premiums: Finding D&O in a Hostile Market

  In this post we discuss:  
  • How SME’s are coping with a hardening D&O market
  • The impact of reducing or dropping coverage
  • How to increase underwriter “appetite”
  Inquiries to:
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Undertakers, Tax Collectors and Crisis Managers: Five Things to do While Awaiting the Cyber Event(ual)

  • Why you should take your lawyer to lunch
  • Valuable tips for staying lucky
  • A cyber bet you can't lose

If you’re reading this, then I have probably joined you at a conference, read the same articles, or heard the same pitch from an insurer, law firm, accountant, or data security expert. No matter the source, we’ve been forewarned of the inevitability of our organizations falling victim to a cyber event. It’s certainty that a cyberattack looms costly in our futures. That fate has become as reliable as death and taxes. I challenge you to make it through a cyber article or conference without at least one authoritative reference to, “It’s not if… it’s when.” So, as a rational economic actor, steeped in business acu
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Digital Kidnap and Ransom: The Financial Response to 21st Century Piracy

  • Why pirates are learning to write code
  • How to budget for your next privacy breach
  • Do you really have “all-risk” coverage?
  • Exclusions worth losing

Attacks and Protection In the next twelve months, businesses will experience on the order of 1.5 million cyber incidents (Ponemon Institute, 2016). If we assume that cybercriminals, like the rest of us, celebrate Christmas and New Year’s, take vacations and a few days sick leave, we can estimate that about 5,000 in
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